Following Mankato Snow Emergency Notices or Face Hefty Fine & Towing/Impounding Fees

Text START to 507-200-3003 for Snow Emergency Alerts

Snow plowing truck n a city street.
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

OFF-CAMPUS SNOW EMERGENCIES: After heavy snows in Mankato, some may discover the costly mistake of not heeding Mankato area snow emergencies. These snow removal notices require that vehicles be removed from city streets. Failure to move your vehicle during a snow emergency could result in a $25 city fine and a $172 towing/impounding (Affordable Towing) fee that increases every day your vehicle isn’t picked up. 

The easiest way to avoid the cost and hassle of reclaiming your towed vehicle is to subscribe to Mankato’s snow emergency alerts by Texting START to 507-200-3003.

ON-CAMPUS SNOW EMERGENCIES: When a snow emergency is called on campus and the person fails to move their vehicle, the campus grounds crew will clean as much of the lot as possible. A towing company is contacted and your vehicle is moved from the unplowed area to a plowed area usually in the same lot. If a vehicle cannot be moved within the same lot, it will be moved to Lot 22 Orange. The vehicle is cited for Snow Emergency Tow which is $70.  If the vehicle is towed from campus, it goes to Affordable Towings tow yard. The vehicle owner will be responsible for the towing and impounding fee. The minimum towing fee is $172.

“The person would have to go to their business location and pay them for whatever fees they have, plus they would still have the towing ticket from campus which is $70,” says Adam Kruger, Campus Security Supervisor. 

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