Mankato Winter Festivities


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There are many things around Mankato to do in the winter time. Some times, people tend to disregard going out and doing a whole lot in the winter because it can be really cold, roads can be icy, and it’s not easy to get around. However here are a few activities and places to enjoy them in the winter around Mankato.

Minneopa Falls

Minneopa Falls is a great place for those who enjoy being out in nature. It’s a great place to go hiking, snowshoeing, picnicking, and more (probably when it’s warmer for the picnicking). It’s also a great place for photographers, the scenery is pretty ideal for photo taking opportunities. Visit their website for information

All Seasons Arena

All Seasons Arena is a great place to go for those who enjoy hockey, ice skating, or both. They offer affordable rates and even offer free skates on occasion. It is also really close to MSU’s campus so it’s not too far out of the way for most students to be able to go and enjoy it.

Kiwanis Recreation Area Mountain Bike Trail

For anyone interested in Mountain and Snow Biking, the Kiwanis Recreation Area Mountain Bike Trail offers a place to bike in the winter. It is on the same trail as the Kiwanis holiday lights which many students are familiar with and go see around the holidays.

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