Mav Life: Helping ALL Students

by TRAVIS GERLACH, CSU Public Relations Intern


Mav Life has made the lives of new students and returning very easy. From finding maps and access to services in seconds. Mav Life has changed the way we interact on campus. Returning students are using it for the live bus tracker for quick transportation, and receiving reminders about assignments and tests. New students are discovering organizations on campus. The students’ wall is where friendships have been made. 

In my opinion, the student wall has been the most interesting part of the app. It’s cool seeing the type of interactions other students are having on the app. Whether it’s creating a poll to help settle a debate between roommates, or reminding other students about philanthropy happening on campus. The wall is where students have come together to create and share. 

Bus Tracking on Mav Life App

Mav Life has been proven to be useful. Not just for new students, but upperclassman are finding reasons to come back to Mav Life daily.

“I really love using the bus tracker. It’s something that I wish I had in the past, but I’m really glad to have it now. It’s going to be very useful in the wintertime to make sure I’m not standing outside in the cold when I don’t need to be,” said Tyler, a junior here on campus. 

New students have found a way to include this app as a part of their everyday life on campus.

“Coming to campus as a new student everything was very intimidating. Trying to remember where all my classes were on top of everything else this campus has to offer. I use the app every day to stay on top of events and locations on campus. It has made my life a lot easier.”

Post from the Student Wall on MavLife

The Mav Life app has only been out for half a semester but the feedback has been great. It’s nice to see an app on campus that not only helps students with almost every aspect but also brings everyone together.

How has the app helped you on campus? Have you downloaded the app? What do you like most about the app? Comment below we’d like to hear from you!  


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