Mickey D’s With a View

by ALEJANDRO REYES VEGA, CSU Public Relations Assistant 


McDonald’s are everywhere and known by everyone, but my experience at this particular location is slightly different. I have been to a few countries and although I always try to taste and experience as much of the local cuisine as possible, I also venture into the chain restaurants found everywhere.

Many chain restaurants have variations of their menus, the quality, and the experience in different regions. When I visited the McDonals in Antigua I did not think much of it from the outside. It had a red wall and the name of the restaurant in a small wooden plaque by the entrance. Appearances can be deceiving and this was no exception. This McDonalds was immaculate and although the design was colonial, it was as modern as any other location of a large city center.

There were various self-ordering touch screens as well as various clerks divided into two sections, one of which was dedicated to McCafe menu items ready for customers as they walked in. Everyone was helpful, cheerful, and very efficient at their jobs. After ordering a Pico de Gallo Chicken Burger (Unique to certain countries), I headed to the dining area to wait for my order to be brought to me.

The dining area opened up to a courtyard with fountains, open seating areas and a spectacular view of a volcano. The space was perplexing as it portrayed very old colonial remains and architecture as well as a Ronald McDonald statue. It somehow wasn’t supposed to make sense or go together but at the same time, it did. This is by far the most beautiful McDonalds I have ever been to.

My food arrived soon after finding a place to sit. The quality was on par with the location. The ingredients were fresh, the food tasted great, and the craziest part is that it actually looked like the picture. My perfectly made burger coupled with the amazing view of the volcano and along with the flowers in the gardens of the courtyard made this my best experience at any McDonalds ever.

If you are curious to know more about this location and to hear about other peoples experiences, make sure to check it out HERE.

Alejo is a student at Minnesota State University, Mankato, born and raised mainly in Venezuela. Having had many opportunities to travel, explore, and go on a variety of adventures. Alejo’s Mischievous Adventures captures some of those exploits.


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