Storytelling, Squid Game, Karaoke, Tortas Are Part of Multicultural Week Celebration April 4-8

The Multicultural Center has organized Multicultural Week from April 4 – 8. It will be a week-long event, full of activities organized and hosted by all the departments in the Multicultural Center(CSU 269).

The aim of the event is to bring awareness to students of the services offered by the Multicultural Center while creating a space for students to interact, socialize, and hopefully frequent, during their stay at Minnesota State-Mankato. The activities are detailed below for the separate departments:

American Indian Day: April 4, 2022

Activities: Storytelling on the big screen and beading. Tea will be offered.

American Indian Day is about celebrating. It is an opportunity to learn more about AIA and our club NASA, as well as some aspects of our culture. We celebrate in hopes of making new friends amongst native students and the other diverse students from our neighboring programs.

Asian American Day: April 5, 2022

Activities: Squid game/Ddajki Korean game, drawing station for cultural hats.

Asian American Affairs is about sharing a few of the many Asian cultures! We advocate for community and diversity. Individuals who join us will be able to see various different cultural clothing, snacks, and student organizations under Asian American Affairs. So, come gather with us to experience and learn more about Asian culture!

African American Day: April 6, 2022

Activities: Dance and board games, Karaoke

On this day, we will be coming together and celebrating different Pan-African and African American cultures, leaders, joys, and accomplishments in our communities. Learn about our RSOs and the programs African American Affairs has to enrich student life on campus.  

Latinx Affairs: April 7, 2022

Activities: Making tortas, playing musical chairs, and pintail on a donkey

Latinx Culture Day is a day to celebrate our different Latinx cultures! We will have both of our RSOs represented, Latinx Student Union and Latino Wellness to share what each RSO offers to students. This is a great way to find new friends and other like-minded individuals! Come and enjoy great music and fun activities!!  

Multicultural Day: April 8, 2022

To wrap up the week of activities, all the departments showcase their respective cultures, registered student organizations, and their contribution to the campus community.

Students attending will stand a chance to win goodie bags, gift cards among other prizes!!

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