Peter Hausladen – Tasty Talks & Success

By TRAVIS GERLACH, CSU Public Relations Intern

Peter Hausladen – Student Success Coordinator
& Conduct Officer


From Tasty Talks to Community Advisors, Peter Hausladen is here to help all students reach academic success. Peter’s primary goal on campus is to help students be successful in college.

“That manifests itself in a couple of different ways. I spend the bulk of my time overseeing our residential conduct process and our office’s academic success initiatives,” said Peter.

As a student, you have programs at your disposal to help you achieve academic success. There are Community Advisor programming on the floors of the dorms. “All of our programs are aimed at giving students the tools and resources they need at that point in the year.”

Two of the programs Peter would like to highlight are Study Spots and Tasty Talks. Study Spots are a weekly program held in Preska 126 every Sunday from 7 to 9 p.m.

“We provide the space and some light snacks for students to come study. During the program, we also have a slideshow looping on the screens that provide some academic tips related to what students are going through at that time in the semester,” said Peter.

Tasty Talks are a monthly program that more actively engages students through a set of three activities or speakers.

“For the three stations, one is run by our Academic Success Coordinator, another is run by the Hall Director, and the final one is run by another office on campus which highlights their services,” Said Peter.

Details for Tasty Talks are advertised in the residence halls and throughout the residence hall’s online presence. For more information on academic success and other services provided to you visit Also, for more on res life make sure to check out


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