More Than Just a Food Drive

by TRAVIS GERLACH, CSU Public Relations Intern


September 23rd through September 27th Minnesota State Univerisity, Mankato and Winona State University are having a food drive competition. The winner will be determined by which university collects the most items and will then be announced during Saturday’s Harvest Bowl Game in which we are playing against Winona State. 

“This is the first year we are doing the food drive with Winona. Vice President David Jones from student affairs and enrollment mentioned that the herd is doing a food drive and that it would be cool to bring in the Winona State student senate. Since it’s right before the harvest bowl game,” said Anisa Omar, Student Body President. 

The food drive is a great idea, and having a competition with one of our rival universities is genius. It also helps complete one of the goals our student government has. 

“I also work closely with the seven state university student body presidents and students united. One of our board objectives is addressing food and housing insecurity. So when I mentioned that to Winona’s student president he thought it was an amazing idea and a great way to tackle this issue on campus,” said Omar. 

You can donate more than just-food. By donating one dollar you’re helping campus cupboard buy food and other supplies for those who need it. Also, a one-dollar donation will count as one can of food towards competition. Toiletries are also being collected as well as can openers.

“An issue that has been seen is that students will pick up cans and put them back. Because they don’t have a pop-off lid because they don’t have can openers. One unique thing that David Jones did is donate can openers so students can actually open the cans,” said Omar. 

Bring canned goods, boxed items, toiletries, and dollar donations on your way to campus and donate them to the student activities office (CSU 173), the student government office3 (CSU 280), and the Athletic Office (MF135). All food that is donated will be given to the campus cupboard. 

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