Students Can Still Register On Election Day, Request Absentee Ballot

Online Registration is Now Closed


The State of Minnesota’s online pre-registration deadline was Tuesday, Oct. 13, but eligible students not yet registered to vote can register through an absentee ballot to register or register on election day.

“It is somewhat more involved now,” said Dr. Fred Slocum, director of the Political Science program in Minnesota State Mankato’s Department of Government. 

Slocum encourages students not yet registered to visit the Minnesota election information website through the Minnesota Secretary of State at or call 1-877-600-VOTE (8683) for assistance (0 to speak with a representative). The site offers a special section of voter information for college students.

He said the election website is a one-stop shop to:

  • request an absentee ballot to vote from home,
  • check voter registration status (state officials do purge past non-voters from registration rolls)
  • find your polling place
  • review your ballot

According to the website, Minnesota online voter registration is now closed.

Adam Aanerud with the Minnesota Office of Secretary of State, said students may register at their polling location or through the absentee ballot process.


Once they determining their polling location, non-registered voters can register on election day. Some identification is required before registering and voting.

“If you have a state ID with your current address on it, that is sufficient,” Aanerud said. “If you have a state ID with an old address on it you can use that to prove who you are. They will want a bill to show where you are living. It used to be just utility bills, but they have expanded that out.”

Aanerud said students can find out more information on the website’s Election Day Registration Fact Sheet.


Voters can also register as part of a non-registered voter absentee ballot.

Non-registered voters requesting an absentee ballot will receive an additional voter registration application that requires a witness signature. The registration information is returned with the completed absentee ballot. An informational fact sheet describing the process for non-registered voters is on the election website.

For students requesting absentee ballots, Slocum strongly advised students to act immediately.

“Do so SOON, even today,” he said. “That would allow maximum time for mailing, filling out the ballot and returning it.”


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