ANDREW WEINZIERL: Committed to Making the College Experience Worthwhile

Each semester, the Centennial Student Union recognized eight outstanding students who excel as leaders in the campus community or within the CSU student staff. The BEST Board, the 55-foot display in the CSU Hearth Lounge, is a way of Boasting Exceptional Student Talent. This eight-part series offers a glimpse of each of those student leaders for Fall 2020.

Andrew Weinzierl of Delano, Minn., graduates December 2020 with his degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. He is currently involved in Student Government, BridgeMNSU, OPA, and MavGaming. He created his own RSO, BridgeMNSU, which has allowed him to pursue his interest in political dialogue.


Using your own experience, what advice for personal fulfillment and college enrichment would you offer to fellow students?

ANDREW: “Get involved in as much as you can outside of your classes! Think, what experiences are offered at the university (e.g. RSO’s) that can help you expand your knowledge, engage with other students, build your resume, and make your experience truly worthwhile? Ask, what difference can you make in the community?”

We often get asked, “How do I get on the BEST Board?” What do you think helped earn you your BEST Board distinction?

ANDREW: “I’d say that my experience in Student Government, the Maverick Gaming Community, and commitment to RSO’s earned my distinction. It was getting out of my comfort zone to make a difference in every organization that I immersed myself in.”

Why did you pick the quote used on the BEST Board? Please provide some background.

ANDREW: “I think that it’s important for people to follow their passions, no matter what other people tell them. Essentially, what you commit yourself to today – whether it be your classes, involvement, or work ethic – will help you succeed in the future.”

What involvement or leadership experience at Minnesota State Mankato best defines you, your interests, or your proudest moment? 

ANDREW: “I can’t choose just one! But, creating my own organization, BridgeMNSU, has been very rewarding and has allowed me to pursue my own interest in political dialogue.”

Where do you hope to take your college education earned at Minnesota State Mankato (what are your career aspirations)?

ANDREW: “As an interdisciplinary major, I had the opportunity to craft my own course of study. And with my interests stemming from Political Science, I’d love to pursue a career in political advocacy or public administration.”

What words of wisdom would you share in these unusual times?

ANDREW: “Something that helps me focus, especially with most things online over Zoom, is to schedule or “time block” my day. This helps overcome procrastination and stay on task (something that may be very hard, especially during this time).”


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