Walking Through the Stars and Heavens

by ALEJANDRO REYES VEGA, CSU Public Relations Assistant 


One of the best presents I have ever gotten was a ticket to attend Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror Display at the Broad. Sometimes we focus too much on material gifts, and although they can be significant, experiences can last longer. Many in my family see the world in a different way than I do, I like to believe they are able to see the beauty of it easier than I can. They also happen to be more artistically talented than me, but we have always shared the same inclination towards art. 

It wasn’t uncommon to spend the day at a museum or a gallery or an exhibit, but I admit I was immediately curious to know what this special showing was. Luckily enough for me, I did not receive the tickets until two days before the event, so I resisted and did not google the artist or the show. I did not want to know what to expect.

There was already a line by the time we get to the museum, but it wasn’t long before it was time for our admission. The first exhibit was behind a closed door in what seemed to be a small enclosed room in a large hall. As I walk in, I notice movement, and I soon realize it is my reflection. The door closes, and suddenly thousands or what seemed like millions of lights turn on. They were everywhere and in all sorts of colors, sizes, and without any specific arrangement. The deafening silence along with the sensation of infinity made me feel like I was in space, navigating through the stars.

I was disoriented but weirdly comfortable, I couldn’t help but smile. The sensation that each exhibit caused was completely different from one another. Some of them were dark and lights flashed and it was easy to feel disoriented. Other exhibits were brightly lit filled with bright colors and lights. Each one creating its unique set of feelings and emotions.

One of the last exhibits had a similar mysterious feeling as the first one. It was dark and disorienting, but as soon as the door closed, the lights turned on. There were countless reflections of the lights, but this time they were all yellow and resembled paper lanterns. The room radiated this heavenly spiritual feeling that slowed time down. A minute felt like 10 and if I had been any longer in there, I might’ve gotten lost in the serenity of it all.

It is easy to overlook museums as a fun way to spend an afternoon or make memories. My family happens to enjoy art and I have learned to appreciate it too. This day I didn’t only get to experience a unique show, but I also got to learn more about a new artist and her way of expressing herself.


Alejo is a student at Minnesota State University, Mankato, born and raised mainly in Venezuela. Having had many opportunities to travel, explore, and go on a variety of adventures. Alejo’s Mischievous Adventures captures some of those exploits.

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