What Can You Do For The Winter Blues?

Finding Your Personal Remedies

by TAYLOR ZENZ, CSU Public Relations Student Intern

Winter in Minnesota seems to get colder and snowier by the day. When winter seems never ending it can hit us non-winter lovers especially hard.

So when winter drags on what do you do when you’re feeling blue?

Here’s my top 3 things that I do when I’m feeling the “winter blues” and need to stay in good spirit:

1. Mark my calendar with the things that I’m looking forward to. Crossing off days in my calendar and making countdowns gives me satisfaction and happiness knowing that I’m inches closer to something that I’m excited about.

2. Play music throughout the day. Growing up, my mom always had fun music playing throughout our house. It was very calming and it helped release the tension that was built up during a long day. Coming to college, I had a hard time playing music because I didn’t want to interrupt my roommates and their studies. Just recently, I’ve been testing the waters and playing music in our kitchen during dinner and on the weekends. It’s helped us bond and smile more frequently because we usually end up dancing and laughing as we belt out the wrong lyrics.

3. Eating well. Every single day, I start my day with a chocolate protein shake full of vitamins and an egg. Starting my day off with nutritional value creates a mindset of wanting to eat right the rest of the day, which ultimately gives me the energy to get throughout the rest of the day.

Though we’re nearing the end of the cold months, it’s important to find things that make you happy and that can help lift your spirits.

Taylor Zenz

Public Relations Intern

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