Majd Alharbi is Proof That 24 Hours a Day is Plenty of Time to Get an Education, Get Involved and Have Fun

Each semester since Spring 2015, the Centennial Student Union honors eight students selected for campus student leadership and CSU student staff excellence. Nominated by staff members from Student Affairs, the Kearney International Center and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, selected students are recognized on the BEST Board, a 55-foot display in the CSU Hearth Lounge created for Boasting Exceptional Student Talent.

In her BEST Board nomination, Mjad Alharbi is described as a tri-lingual Saudi woman who advocates for women’s equal rights and is a skilled negotiator and mediator.

“She has pushed for many beneficial changes to programming for current and prospective international students – and really all students, whether domestic or international,” the nomination stated. “She has worked in KIC for over a year now and has been an integral part of our recruitment team.”

Serving the International Student Association as vice president last year and president for the 2022-23 year, Mjad is praised for her continuing role in making the ISA more welcoming and helpful.

“Before Majd got involved in ISA, the ISA office was not open to students nor was it providing any additional support for students. Since Majd has gotten involved, the office is consistently open for student support, provides scholarship advising and more for new students,” the nomination stated. “On a personal level, Majd has found her passion since arriving and has taken the time to develop those areas. She has joined and led many activities on her own, saying ‘College is the time to stand up for what you believe in.’ This type of commitment is not common for all college students to possess and it has been a joy seeing her grow into such an influential person.”

In Mjad’s Own Words…

How has campus involvement and/or campus employment enhanced YOUR COLLEGE EXPERIENCE?

Being involved on campus truly helps me build myself. I learned to deal with good and bad people. I feel more prepared for the real world.

How has campus involvement and/or campus employment enhanced YOUR FUTURE?

Oh wow, I guess I answered it previously. But going from small to big definitely enhances my future. I was VP of the ISA and now I am president. This will help me prepare for a promotion or understand that in the real world I can’t just skip the steps to becoming something big. I have to start small, step by step, and then go big.

How has campus involvement/campus employment enhanced YOUR LIFE?

It helped me understand that I shouldn’t listen to people’s critiques all the time. I can’t make everyone happy but I still have to consider others’ opinions. See the dilemma here… being an adult is complicated but you have to find a way to manage between listening to others and following your gut.

Provide one or more detailed examples where your campus involvement/work experience made you a better leader.

When I was the VP, I knew I wanted to become president. But it wasn’t enough for me to simply be the vice president. That was a huge accomplishment, but still I wanted to prove my leadership by stepping up and improving the ISA.

What advice would you share with fellow students in helping them make the most of their college experience?

Get involved and have fun. Seriously, education is important, but trust me, you can do both together. 24 hours a day is enough to get your beauty sleep, eat three meals, get your schoolwork done, and get involved around campus. You just have to organize a good schedule. If it is time to eat then it is time to eat, nothing else. Trust me, you have time.

Throughout your college experience at Minnesota State Mankato, what has provided the greatest personal growth, memories, satisfaction and/or personal pride.

My job at the Kearney Internation Center changed my life completely. It taught me about the boundaries between work and friends. We are a little family at Kearney, but we still get work done and move forward efficiently. I have been working there for more than a year now and I am so happy to have this opportunity because I learn about every aspect like managing job, friends, and building connections professionally.

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