“Find People That Are There For You And Share a Vision With You” – Joey Casey

Each semester since Spring 2015, the Centennial Student Union honors eight students selected for campus student leadership and CSU student staff excellence. Nominated by staff members from Student Affairs, the Kearney International Center, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion selected students are recognized on the BEST Board, a 55-foot display in the CSU Hearth Lounge created for Boasting Exceptional Student Talent.

In his time here, Joey has made an impact on the community and his Phi Kappa Psi chapter. Serving both as chapter president and a member of the Interfraternity Council, he has been one of the strongest recent voices in the fraternity community. He has worked hard to make good decisions that move his groups forward. He has urged his chapter to be engaged with the community through volunteer efforts, and they have also made their presence known in their neighborhood…in a positive way. They have volunteered for opportunities with the Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association in an attempt to be good neighbors.

In Joey’s own words:

How has campus involvement and/or campus employment enhanced YOUR COLLEGE EXPERIENCE?

My involvement on campus has afforded me the ability to meet countless people from many different walks of life. I truly feel my activities on campus have given me the best experience I could have ever hoped for.

How has campus involvement and/or campus employment enhanced YOUR FUTURE?

Being involved on campus has acquainted me with many personal development and networking opportunities that I previously never thought possible.

How has campus involvement/campus employment enhanced YOUR LIFE?

Being a brother of Phi Kappa Psi has given me a brotherhood of men that I know always have my best interest at heart, and would do anything to help me in a time of need. I have gained insight into how I can be a better and healthier person through my experiences.

Provide one or more detailed examples where your campus involvement/work experience made you a better leader.

I have served as the President of my fraternity for the past two years, during which time I have stepped up to become more vocal about chasing our desired direction as an organization.

What advice would you share with fellow students in helping them make the most of their college experience?

Follow your interests, follow your gut, and get involved. Find people that are there for you and share a vision with you.

Throughout your college experience at Minnesota State Mankato, what has provided the greatest personal growth, memories, satisfaction, and/or personal pride.

Learning to be independent and how to look after my own well-being has given me the opportunity to grow as a person and reevaluate what it means to take pride in myself. Being given the award of chapter president of the year in 2021 in the Greek community solidified my confidence that all of my efforts were appreciated and well received. Winning awards and recognition is always great, but finding work worth doing and that I truly enjoy is what I take the greatest pride in.

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