How One Man Changed My Training Routine and Philosophy on Fitness

by BLAKE PIESCHKE, CSU Public Relations Intern


Social media has given me many opportunities to expand my knowledge in the fitness industry. The recommendations section on Instagram blessed me with my biggest training influence who helped me train smarter and better.

Eugene Teo

Eugene Teo was the very first fitness person I followed for knowledge and content. Most fitness accounts I had followed were mostly for different kinds of exercises, but this Australian native is a different person.

Teo had started in the fitness industry with the goal of improving his health and getting a better body. As he progressed in his fitness lifestyle, he competed in a bodybuilding show.

After his time competing, he realized he didn’t enjoy it as much and looked to creating a happier atmosphere for himself. The dedication, suffering and overthinking created an unenjoyable lifestyle for him and he questioned if it was honestly worth it.

He moved onto coaching, personal training and traveling the world to teach others. Teo has worked with athletes across a dozen different sports in the pursuit of improving their health, physique, performance and life. He has lectured in over 50 cities across the world, through the United States, Europe, UK, Australia and Asia, sharing his passion for training, and bringing together the worlds of human movement in all its forms.

Eugene Teo demonstrating an alternative to a hack squat

The quality of his information is science based and is some of the best I have ever experienced. His knowledge of alternate ways to perform exercises for the best stimulus leaves me in awe every time I see a new post or YouTube video. It really made me question some of the things other fitness influencers preach. It goes to show that we just believe what others say because of who they are or what they look like. For many months, I had been performing exercises that I thought were helpful, but turns out they were pointless and a waste of time. I never thought that the order I perform exercises would affect muscle growth and give me better chances.

Within the last year, Teo has successfully fulfilled his dream of launching a training app, Ganbaru Method. This app includes fully customized programs that fit your needs and goals, a library of exercise tutorials and guides for supplements, nutrition and biomechanics. If you are interested in checking out the app and subscriptions, here is the website Ganbaru Method – The home of Coach Eugene Teo‚Äč.

Ganbaru Method App

He is the fitness influencer I admire the most. He preaches that enjoyment in life is much more important than centering fitness around everything and worrying about how one bad meal will ruin a diet completely. My favorite part is that he will do reviews on new bags of chips he buys at the store. He genuinely cares about educating everyone. He does daily lives on Facebook and takes question submissions on Instagram daily to answer any questions people may have on exercises, training methods or supplements. I highly recommend subscribing to his YouTube channel eugene teo – YouTube and following him on Instagram at Eugene Teo (@coacheugeneteo).


Blake Pieschke is a CSU Public Relations Intern and a senior studying Mass Media at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Blake is from Glencoe, MN and has a passion for sports, fitness, and the outdoors. He plans on pursuing a career in sports journalism when his college career is over.

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