In front of the ocean

Standing in front of the ocean is a wave of emotions. The excitement, the intimidation, and the serenity all come together to form a perfect pie of feelings. When I stand in front of the ocean, I am reminded that I am small. I am also reminded, that strength is not always in the most obvious form; such as the undercurrents that we cannot see. And that, is advantageous.

When you stand in front of the ocean,
What do you feel?

Is it a push of the breeze,
Or the pull of the undercurrent?

Is it a taste of the saltwater on your lips,
Or the tug on your hair from the humidity?

For me, it is a person 
Maybe it’s a soulmate of the past
Or of the present
Or maybe it’s the person that I remember inside.

For me, it is not the push of the breeze
But a push of encouragement that leaks into my skin
An encouragement that lends me the power from the hands of the riptides,
A reminder that my problems would just be another piece of debris in the waves
In comparison to the life that floats in the miles below the surface level. 

What do you feel when you stand in front of the ocean?
Do you timidly walk into the water,
Daunted by an element that is not your familiar domain?
I urge you to walk in, unaccompanied 
Because the confidence in your step will move the others out of your way.

Walk into the ocean.
Feel the humidity in your hair and the salt on your lips.
For our joy in life is not our familiar domain.


Kara Allen is a CSU Public Relations Assistant and is currently a Senior studying Communications at Minnesota State Mankato. Kara is from Grand Rapids, MN and has grown up loving to write in her free time; finding the hidden idiosyncrasies within herself through the writing. She plans on pursuing a career in Public Affairs for the U.S. Army and continuing on with writing for enjoyment.

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