Kato Town Compassionate Community

by KARA ALLEN, CSU Public Relations Assistant


During the havoc of 2020, it is inevitable that each individual in the Kato region has faced some sort of crisis that they felt was too difficult to seek help or support for. As a community all in this together, we should know what to do when someone we know is grieving or experiencing loss in one way or another. 

This is The Kato Towns Compassionate Community‚Äôs vision: that we all know what to do when someone we know needs help. The Kato Towns Compassionate Community works to eliminate the feeling of helplessness in being alone and rebuild the idea of support within a community. They believe that those who are struggling with grief and loss should not just be taken care of by social and health services that are hard to access; but the people that surround them everyday. We, as a community want and need to better serve the people of our community during a time that is filled with so many hardships. 

Join us via Zoom on Wednesday, September 23rd of 2020 from 6-7 pm. We encourage you to participate in a conversation about loss and resiliency to give guidance in practicing empathy and supporting the members of our community. By talking about depression, suicide, loneliness, grief and loss, we discover how to champion others as they walk through these obstacles. As the first United States representative of The Compassionate Communities movement, we are eager to hear your thoughts on this topic and continue the movement down a path of success: helping the people of the community during unspeakable times. 

Please RSVP to Kristen Abbott-Anderson at kristen.abbott-anderson@mnsu.edu or call 507-779-9043.


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