Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Education on Sexual Violence by the Girls of Alpha Sigma Alpha

by BLAKE PIESCHKE, CSU Public Relations Intern

The girls of the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority have started hosting a series of tabling events in the Centennial Student Union this April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, they will be providing information on certain topics to educate students on sexual violence and sexual assault awareness.

Morgan Rusler describing the tabling events

During the second week, they will be going more in depth about what is sexual assault, sexual harassment and sexual violence. They are asking students and faculty to wear teal to show their support for survivors of sexual assault.

The topic for the third week of April is considered to be the most important for students to learn about. They will be providing information on how to prevent sexual violence and how to react if someone is a victim of sexual assault or know of someone who may be a victim.

Rusler’s explanation of what the most important week will be about
Morgan Rusler

“We want to make sure people know what to do if something like this were to happen to them and that they have all their options laid out in front of them,” said Alpha Sigma Alpha member Morgan Rusler, Panhellenic Council Executive Officer and VP of Risk Management. “Personally for me, that week would be very much more important.”

During that week, the teal ribbons that represent sexual assault awareness will be handed out to symbolize support.

In the final week, students will be provided with numerous resources and other services available within the campus and community in the event that they may need them or believe someone else should reach out to them.

Stop by and learn how we can raise awareness to prevent sexual assault and sexual violence.

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